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At Spille, we design playful and creative meetings and workshops that inspire teams to truly connect, strategize, and become aligned.

We engage each individual in the room through participative play, dialogue, and visual problem solving.

How effective are your meetings and workshops right now?


imagine and play

Your employees and teammates are yearning for a more playful and intimate experience at work. They want to get out of their routines and connect with one another through meaningful experiences to explore a shared future together.

Do your workshops usually involve some folks in the room dominating the airspace while others hesitate to speak up? Are people burned out on PowerPoint presentations? Maybe there are varied power dynamics and a variety of learning styles, and you want to engage everyone.

100 % Participation


use more of your brain

Up to 80% of your brain cells are connected to your hands. When you create with your hands (vs. just talking), you are activating much more of your brain.

Communication is faster when you can see others’ ideas, not just hear them.



Jyoti Patel, is Principal and Owner of Spille LLC, an organization design firm that offers playful workshops in culture and strategy. She helps leaders and teams cultivate the courage to have conversations that matter. Her workshops illustrate how authentic insights inform strategy development and generate team alignment, to ultimately perform more effectively and creatively. 

As a facilitator, manager, and consultant, Jyoti has led changes in a high technology environment by helping drive team strategy development, project leadership, and process improvement.  

She is passionate about social and gender equity in the technology space and infusing playfulness, candor and creativity into team culture using design thinking and systems thinking principles, oh, and um Legos!

Jyoti's past clients include Boeing, SIXR, The Gates Foundation, & Seattle Public Schools. She holds a M.A in Organizational Design, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and is a Certified LEGO Serious Play Facilitator

• Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn @jyotibfly




Marshall Short

VP, Laboratory Test Operations at The Boeing Company

"Jyoti  facilitated myself and my leadership team of 17 executives.  She  guided us to learnings regarding leadership and our  team's strategic objectives in a fun, energetic, and highly  participative session. Jyoti's carefully crafted questions and  vibrant facilitative energy helped us hone in on key themes regarding  our strategic plan that generated alignment among our teammates.  Jyoti  demonstrated a crisp mastery of timing and organization."

Vernon jackon

Senior Manager at The Boeing Company

“Jyoti has excellent written and oral communication skills. She takes the time to clarify and understand before taking action. She makes everyone feel like their voice is heard and valued by welcoming diversity and opinions. She is sensitive to how her words and actions may affect others, demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence, and has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to communicate effectively with employees at all levels including executive management.

Jyoti has a contagious positive attitude. She is extremely thorough and totally committed to her project's success. She has a very good ability in collecting and interpreting data, then using the data to make informed decisions. She constantly works to increase her knowledge base and gathers information from multiple sources. Her inputs to the team are well thought out and based on a variety of experiences and resources. She is recognized as the expert in developing knowledge management plans as well as in facilitating workshops and meetings.”

Geoff bellman

Author and consultant, Extraordinary Teams Partnership

“I've worked with Jyoti in a number of settings. This is a woman of diverse talent and great enthusiasm. Not only is she a good learner, she is an astute and articulate observer. Her breadth of interests astounds me! She connects with people well as she delivers her work.”